Although – scientifically speaking - our globe is not exactly shrinking, people do not shrink from travelling vast distances to meet new cultures. When people from two different countries – or even from opposite ends of the planet – meet, they sometimes find it difficult to make themselves understood. Real understanding in the sense of communication is possible only if the interlocutors really speak the same language. Sometimes, a mixture of self-invented sign-language and pantomime is used as a last resort to express oneself.

To a certain extent, this may be quite entertaining and amusing when socialising, on a private holiday trip for instance. As we all know, “broken English spoken perfectly” all over the world, isn’t it?

However, once you enter international business environment, you should not underestimate the importance of excellent and functioning communication.

  • Of what use is the most brilliant presentation on the latest state-of-the-art findings of the industry, if the audience is bored to death by the poor performance, merely due to the lacking language skills of the presenter?
  • Of what service is the description of a highly-innovative product, if nobody outside your language community can appreciate the real magnitude of your innovation, merely due to an inadequate and unprofessional translation?
  • To afford making comments in front of the international media in a language you don’t really speak fluently, you should have at least the charm of a sports star who just won the world championship.

Find out more about professional translation and interpreting services on the following pages.


In the language combination

English ⇔ German

I can offer you the following services

  • Simultaneous interpreting / Whispering interpretation
  • Consecutive interpreting / Liaison interpreting
  • Translations
  • Proofreading

Transferring words – be they spoken or written – from one language into another does not only establish a connection between the author and the addressed persons, but also establishes links among the professional translators and interpreters. Thanks to the close cooperation with my colleagues, I can offer interpreting or translation services in other language combinations than the above mentioned.


An excellent interpreting or translation service is not free of charge. In order to deliver the very quality you expect, the interpreter will certainly prepare for the specific purpose. This preparatory work comprises

  • acquiring a general knowledge of the subject,
  • acquainting oneself with specific background information and
  • adapting to or creating a company-specific terminology.

Interpreting services are remunerated on the basis of a daily rate, sometimes an hourly rate. The time needed to prepare for the job is not charged separately, whereas travel and – if applicable – other expenses are added to the daily rate.

Price calculation for a translation is done on the basis of the number of lines (continuous texts) or the number of words (other text forms, such as PowerPoint presentations, etc.). A standard line consists of 55 characters (including space characters). The price per line depends on the text type, complexity and length of the text, as well as on urgency and the format of the available source text.

Proofreading and layout editing is charged on the basis of an hourly rate.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more detailed information.

About me

The foundation for my work as graduate interpreter and professional translator was laid during my studies at Mainz Johannes Gutenberg-University, School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies (FASK) in Germersheim, which were completed with a degree as Graduate interpreter. The special study areas technology and informatics have been reflected ever since in my commissions for authorities, private companies and individual persons in the fields of automotive industry, aviation and IT applications. Beyond that, expert knowledge in the field of international labour relations as well as in classical music enriches my range of professional activities.

I am a full member of the German professional association of conference interpreters VKD (member since 2006).


In simultaneous interpretation the audience can follow the speaker’s words via earphones almost in real-time. The challenge in consecutive interpretation is to be able to reproduce a detailed 10-minute-speech into another language. Interpreters therefore use a special note-taking technique when interpreting consecutively. Specific symbols, abbreviations, letters and characters, are carefully arranged on the notepad. This enables the interpreter to reproduce the contents of what has been said in the other language. This is a very individual technique and what works for one interpreter may not work for another.

Move the mouse (or your finger) over the symbols on the notepad to discover their meaning.

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